Summer Is Boring? Here’s Some Fun Stuff You Could Do This Summer

October 26, 2018 at 3:56 am by Michael Briggs | Posted in Construction & Building

There’s nothing that can beat the beginning of a warm summer, you don’t have to hide away under layers of clothes anymore and you can finally step out and get to bath in the brisk of daylight but at times the summer holidays can get dull and boring so here’s a few stuffs that can make it a memorable holiday.

Ride a bike

This is a pretty fun way to spend your day and it’s even better if you don’t know how to ride one because then you can learn how to over the summer and it can be your something new. Once you learn, you can never exactly forget it.

Fishing trip

Organize a fishing trip with your family or friends, if you have the equipment, you just need to rent a boat and start fishing. But whether you enjoy it or not depends on your preferences, some people find it boring to just wait a while to make a catch while others love the wait and the anticipation. It can also help clear your mind and relax while enjoying the view. This is one of my favorites ways to pass time but I usually rent out the pieces since I don’t do it regularly but I still feel like investing in some, might be useful. 


This is a very fun and exciting sport and a great way to spend your time. This is a pretty popular activity so most pools would be crowded, it’s better to go during off-peak hours. I, on the other hand, hated to use pools at specific hours, so I ended up buying one of those nice fibreglass swimming pools so that I can use it at my convenience.It was pretty frustrating to come to decision as to which type of pool to get, concrete swimming pools Melbourne or the former one.

Concrete swimming pools Melbourne have the flexibility, you can alter it to the way you want it but the former one is built at a faster time frame and being the impatient one I am, I went ahead with the former choice.Having access to the pool 24/7 is not the only reason I decided to buy a pool, with public pools I never really know how clean it is, people could pee in pools and god knows what else they do. Hygiene is something I cannot compromise on plus there are other pool activities you can enjoy like water polo, this activity was going to be the next on my list, but nevertheless, I’ll just talk about it here. Water polo is a team sport that requires a lot of strategic planning and is definitely fun, something even better than swimming and almost everyone will love it, after all, what’s there to not love about splashing in the water with a ball.